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Most Common Post-Science Medicines

* Medicine for Flu: Elderberry
* Medicine for Virus in the mouth, nose, and throat: Zinc
* Medicine for Allergies: Bee Propolis
* Medicine for High Bloodpressure: EFAs, Krill Oil
* Medicine to Speed up Healing: Aloe Vera (plus vitamin E)
* People, who live over 100 years, all exercise by walking. Many post-science members substitute the boring walking with the Jumpulse Dance, which is invented by post-science founder, Dr. Hugh Ching. In any case, it is advisable to develop the muscles for walking when one is young, so that one can still walk when one no longer can do other exercises.
* Men, who wants to have children after 80, should also do weight lifting.
* Medicine for sunburned or aging skin (90% due to sunburn) is heavy dose of vitamin c, such as from kakadu plum.
* Medicine for the temporary relief of cough is elm tree bark.
* Level 1 injury enhences strength of amateur athletes, and level 2 injury enhences strength of professional athletes, but proper care must taken after any injury.
* Medicine for injury is Glucosanmine Chondroitin and vitamin E.
* Medicine for imbalance due to mild brain concussion is high-dose water-soluble vitamin E (The main cause of death for seniors is falls due to imbalance).
* Medicine to reduce cholesterol is sweet potato (better than yam)
* Medicine to imporve vision is Lutein and Bilberry for night vision.
* One of the best ways to tune-up a healthy heart is to run uphill on no-impact snow.
* One of the simplest ways to increase immunity is to breath fresh air with deep and slow breathing.

All Post-Science Medicine advices are based on the extensive experience of post-science members and extensive surveys of others. Post-Science Medicine advises that one should not make suggestions unless one has tested out the suggestion personally or have read the survey.

Many other natural cures in Post-Science Medicine will be added as they are verified.

Because they are medicines, medicines which are recommended by Post-Science Medicine, should be taken in appropriate limited amount.


Post-Science Medicine is the ultimate goal of post-science, as Western medicine is the ultimate goal of Western science, and Eastern medicine is the ultimate goal of Eastern culture. From the point of view of post-science, life science includes both social science and physical science. Post-Science Medicine is based on life science and, thus, includes all the knowledge. In practice, it not only study diseases, but also the fundamental question of existence, particularly the permanent existence of DNA. Post-Science Medicine treats medicines as an extension of foods. It is based on the belief of the concept of self-creation, in which the entire living system is created with Maximum Planning.

Post-Science Medicine is a part of Post-Science Permenent Life and Permanent Life Club



Post-Science Medicine relates to some very fundamental questions in medicine. Post-science does not believe that drug test can be empirically verified because DNA is designed to propagate to infinity in time. Also, Post-science believes in self-creation based on the post-science discovery of completely automated software, of which DNA is a prime example. If our foods are created, our medicines must also be created with our foods; Post-Science Medicine believes that medicines are an extension of foods. For example, elderberry juice is the cure for common cold. Is there a cure for common cold in Western Medicine? The foundation of Post-Science Medicine is post-science or self-creation. Science is based on empirical verification and is insufficient in dealing with life. A more detailed discussion of Post-Science Medicine is given in the book Knowledge by Hugh Ching, C. V Ramamoorthy, T. L Kunii, and Ta-You Wu. The Chapter on Health is give Here.

Permanent Life Extension Summary

Post-Science Medicine also studies DNA and its in silico. There are two post-science project related to DNA.
1. Universal Permanent Software (UPS) to Simulate DNA
2. Permanent Life Extension: The Mind Is Temporary, and DNA Is Permanent.

DNA is by far the most valuable product in the universe. Thus, death is the biggest loss and the greatest insult in life. The knowledge in the mind can be preserved in books and other type of publications, and DNA should be preserved by cloning, after a DNA has demonstrated through a life-time of expression that it has positive value. Universal Permanent Software (UPS), which is completely automated software, can be used to simulate the DNA system, where DNA has been assigned the Universal Permanent Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3.

"As human beings representing the intelligence of the DNA Software System, we should strive to write software based on the software foundation connected to the DNA System." Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science

The design of software, which including DNA, the code of life, is not free because it must satisfy the requirement of permanence or the value of software will be zero or negative. Ignorant of the requirement of permanence causes the bulk of software budget to be used for software update and maintenance.

We Are Free Only Within The Limit Of Freedom. But, The Limit Of Freedom Is Outside Of The Present Human Intelligence

Today, mankind can only handle 5-variable problems in science. We need intelligence to handle problems in social science with 50 variables and problems in life or computer science with 500 variables.

Two Problems for Post-Science

1. How to increase human intelligence so that it can handle problems in social and life sciences?
2. How to achieve permanent life extension so that valuable DNA can be preserved? Additionally, the concept of permanent life extension will lead to infinite consideration of one’s actions, such as the repayment for atrocious evil might not end with death.

The best minds today are switching from physics and mathematics to computer or life science, but problems in computer or life science contain around 500 variables, while the Nobel Prize winners can barely handle 10 variables. Only four people, Ta-You Wu, Hugh Ching, T. L. Kunii, and Rustin Roy can think and understand the significance of the physics solution of touch, which contains 25 variables.

It is really that the human brain power needs to be enhance by 50 to 100% or more in order to move society beyond the current Age of Science. We needs to look into subjects related to trophic factors, which enhances brain power in preemies at UC San Diego and Stanford University.

Living organisms are created with a great deal of tolerance. Thus, fuzziness is not only a characteristic of reality involving living organisms, particularly humans, but also a factor in the design of socioeconomic and living systems, such as in the solution of value and the solution of software. For example, the Infinite Spreadsheet requires fuzziness to justify its approximate time-invariant inputs, and although Computing with Integers is rigorous, Computing with Words must be based on Human Associative Memory, which is fuzzy. We need to Debate Which Is Correct: English-like or Integer-Like Source Code? and to Make the Word “Fuzzy” Respectable in the Intellectual Community and Society.

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